The Adventures of Meatball and Squish

Hello there, my name is Delia and welcome to the shit show. I am a registered nurse who survived round one of this pandemic, who is about to finalize a divorce, and the mother to two boys, Meatball and Squish. Let me start by giving you a description of my babies.

My oldest son, who I’ll refer to as Meatball, is seven, autistic, and non-verbal. This kid was so content in the womb he didn’t come out until he was two weeks overdue and a lovely nine pounds, ten ounces (yay c-section!), hence the name Meatball. As you can imagine, this presents its own set of challenges. He is a very smart little boy but incredibly self-motivated, choosing to do a multitude of things on his own terms, terms which I sometimes struggle to understand. For example, why does the toilet paper have to be taken off the holder and placed on the floor? Why does the left shoe have to go on before the right? What is about shorts that is so unappealing? The list goes on.

My youngest son, who I’ll refer to as Squish since he was the fattest little bastard when he was a baby, is four and feral. That’s right, there is such a thing as having a feral child and this kid is the definition of it. He has gotten into so many things in my house I have lost count. I promise to share his adventures as I’ve been told they are fairly entertaining.

I work in a hospital as a floor nurse in New York State and even though we did not see the number of Covid patients that New York City has seen, it was still pretty fucking awful. Watching this disease take its toll on so many patients in various ways was hard, really hard. That coupled with home life made things pretty interesting for a few months there. I am really hoping to keep that in my past and not see it come to fruition in a few months.

To sum it up I decided to start this for all the parents out there who are flying by the seat of their pants just like I am. We all have those friends on Facebook who post the beautiful pictures of their family and seem as though their life is straight out of a Hallmark movie. I’m here to tell the truth behind the fairytale picture. At times I curse like a sailor, I’ve read that people who curse tend to be more honest, and perhaps that’s true but sometimes nothing but a good F bomb is appropriate. My husband and I separated a couple of years ago and I will love to fill you all in on the characters I have met in that time because that is some entertainment. Lastly I promise not to discuss politics. At this rate I feel like it is getting jammed down our throats in every single direction and I for one need a non-political outlet. So sit back, grab a beer or a nice big piece of chocolate cake, and enjoy! #zerotohero #boymom #datingsucks #zoomsessionswithtoddlerssuck

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